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It's free to list your event on the what's on page!

For a new event or updates

Please email us on events@discoverashbourne.com, putting the name of your event in the subject line. For a new event we need the following:

  • Your name/group.
  • If possible, a link to more information or where to buy tickets. Often we can create an event just from this.
  • If you want us to use a specific image, please attach it to the email.
  • If you want us to use a specific description, please include this in the email.
  • Make sure your email or the link includes everything we need to know on date, time and place.

Avoiding spam

We get a lot of spam mails, many of which appear to be created by AI and look very real. We don't take risks and if something looks not quite right, we ignore it. If your mail doesn't get a response, it might have been treated it as spam. Please feel free to send a chaser.

Featured Events

We have a space for a featured event at the top of the Home Page. If you'd like to promote your event here, please email us as above.


This website costs money to run. If you can afford it, we would appreciate a small donation. Every little helps. There is a link in the footer.