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Community directory and what's on

The directory includes links to every community group, sports club and society in Ashbourne. Please browse to discover what's here.  If looking for something specific (eg football) you can use the search box but for a general overview its best to use the pre-selected categories in the drop-down list.  

The what's on page lists every event open to the general public, either in special events for one-offs or in regular events for normal activities.  Please browse to find something of interest. Private members-only events are not listed.

We rely on people telling us what is going on. If you spot that a group or event is missing, please contact us.

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Volunteer corner

Like many small towns,  Ashbourne benefits from and indeed relies on the efforts of a small army of community volunteers.  Volunteer Corner will signpost and showcase what our groups are doing and perhaps encourage more of you to get involved.

Ashbourne Town Team

Ashbourne Town Team was set up in 2020 with the aim of bringing together all the different community projects and providing one voice to the authorities.  Most of what is done will be in the campaigns section below but we will also be posting minutes of meeting and biographies of the steering group.  


There are lots of campaigns being run by local residents  to improve Ashbourne for everyone's benefit. We want to showcase these and keep everyone updated as to what is being done.   So far we are aware of the list below. Please contact us if you are running one of these campaigns or anything else not mentioned here.

  1. A new website for Ashbourne & a social media feed (Town Team)
  2. Pedestrian safety and traffic flow management (Town Team)
  3. Town centre pollution (Town Team, PD & DDDC)
  4. Cost of parking (Town Team)
  5. Pavements and verges (SM)
  6. A new stadium for Ashbourne Town Football Club (NF)
  7. The East / West path (Ashcom)
  8. Shrovetide Walk (Ashcom)
  9. The pavillion project
  10. Ashbourne ParkRun
  11. New bandstand (DDDC)
  12. Around the Millenium clock (Town Council)
  13. The bypass (DCC)
  14. The water meadows (St Oswalds)

Local democracy

We are going to explain how local elections work and showcase the work that our local councilors do for Ashbourne.

Council services

We are going to explain which council does what for Ashbourne and provide links to the relevant websites. We also want to cover how the Town Council spends your local Ashbourne taxes.

Section 106 monies

Housing developers have given millions of pounds to Ashbourne in return for planning permission to build their estates.  We want to discover how this money has been spent and tell you all about it.

What else?

Please tell us what else you would like to see covered on these community pages.