A view of Thorpe Cloud from Dovedale.

Thorpe Cloud

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Thorpe Cloud is a prominent limestone hill to the north of Ashbourne. It is 287m tall.

It is owned and managed by the National Trust as part of their Dovedale and Ilam estate and can be visited as an expedition on its own or admired as part of a combined visit to Dovedale or Ilam.

It is a dangerous hill - the paths are steep and slippery and have got much worse since the National Trust put up signposts. Mountain rescue get many calls to deal with falls and injuries. Getting down is much more difficult than getting up! It is best avoided after rain and it is essential to follow the main paths, not try and short cut up the sides. There is a path all the way around the bottom of the hill and great views of it from Dovedale so its easy to enjoy the hill without actually going up it.

However, the views from the top are magnificent and it is a great place to watch the sun go down.

Photographer credit Rob Bendall.

Travel from Ashbourne

If you are driving to walk up or around the hill then we suggest parking at Narlows Lane, opposite The Old Dog. If you are driving just to look at it then we suggest a circular route via Blore and Thorpe to give the best views of the area.

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There is no scheduled bus service but you can use Derbyshire Connect.

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It is an easy nine mile round trip walk or cycle ride from Ashbourne town centre via the Tissington Trail and Thorpe

It is an easy but slightly dull nine mile round trip walk from Ashbourne town centre via the Tissington Trail and Thorpe. More interesting routes coming soon.