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Bus service 108


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Location in Ashbourne

Around Ashbourne

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Q: Where does the 108 bus service run?

A: The 108 bus service runs between Ashbourne and Leek

Q: Which bus operator runs the 108?

A: The 108 is operated by D&G Bus.

Q: What route does it follow?

A: Ashbourne, then passing through Mayfield, Swinscoe, Cauldon Lowe and Waterhouses finishing in Leek.

Q: Where does it stop in Ashbourne?

A: It starts at the bus station and then leaves Ashbourne via Clifton Road and out past Waterside and Aldi towards Mayfield.

Q: How often does it run?

A: On weekdays it normally runs six times a day. Click here for the full timetable on D&G's website.