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Bus services 441 and 442


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Listed by The Times in January 2023 as one of the top 7 scenic bus rides in the UK, this service offers a leisurely ride compared to taking your car, but the trip is worthwhile for the stunning views, especially around Crowdecote and Earl Sterndale.

Q: Where do the 441 and 442 buses run?

A: The 441 and 442 bus services run between Ashbourne and Buxton

Q: Which bus operator runs the 441 and 442?

A: The 441 and 442 are operated by High Peak.

Q: What route do they follow?

A: The 441 is a direct commuter service along the main road, also visiting Tissington. The 442 runs between Ashbourne - Fenny Bentley – Tissington – Alsop - Biggin – Hartington - Hulme End – Warslow – Longnor – Crowdecote - Earl Sterndale - Buxton.

Q: Where do they stop in Ashbourne?

A: They start at the bus station and then head along Church Street and out of Ashbourne via Buxton Road. Coming back into Ashbourne they go along Park Road.

Q: How often do they run?

A: On weekdays the 441 normally runs just once a day and the 442 runs six times a day. Click here for the full timetable on High Peak's website.