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Location in Ashbourne

Market Place (Buxton Road)
Ashbourne Town Centre

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See the Discover Ashbourne Whats On page for the current programme.

Having been dormant as a cinema and performance space for many years, we have proudly restored the building back to its original glory to serve Ashbourne and the local community with vital arts provision, access to culture and entertainment.

No corner has been cut in providing a superb experience with this brand new state of the art multi-purpose space for films, theatre performances and live events. Boasting fully digital cinema projection equipment, a streamlined and modern box office system and the best sound system that money can buy, this luxury venue has been refurbished to a high standard offering plush seating with ultimate comfort and plenty of leg room - choose from our standard red seats, premium blue seats or cosy sofas for two - sit back, relax and enjoy!

Cinema and theatre are a social occasion, designed to enjoy with friends, family or even to spark a new relationship into life. Our aim is to make your experience a proper night out. Choose a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, a box of popcorn, or a cup of coffee and relax; let the lights dim and curtains open to enjoy theatre and/or a unique film experience that only the big screen can give.

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