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Parking charges

All these car parks have the same charges and give the choice of pay & display (cash only, no cards) or pay by phone.

Parking is free for Derbyshire Dales residents before 11 and after 4, when displaying the window sticker.

1. Auction Close DE6 1GQ

Auction Close car park is just 5 minutes walk from the market place and is the best car park for St John's Church. It's very steep so best avoided if your handbrake is dodgy or you have limited mobility. To get to the market place, walk to the bottom of the hill and turn right.

2. Swimming Pool DE6 1DR

The swimming pool car park is accessed from Clifton Road, along the same access road as St Oswald's hospital. The Tissington Trail starts here so its a great place to park if you want to do the trail and also visit the town centre shops and cafes. It's about 10 minutes walk to the market place.

To get to the town centre, go up to the main road and turn left. Cross over the main road at the pedestrian crossing and carry on up the main road to the T junction. Turn right.......

To get to the Tissington Trail, walk to the far end of the car park and you will find a footpath / cycle track through the tunnel.

3. The Tissington Trail

Please follow this link for the main Tissington Trail car park. You can also use the swimming pool car park as above.

4. Clifton Road DE6 1DR

This is the only coach park in town, but also has space for cars. Unfortunately it doesn't take motorhomes (see this page for motorhome parking).

It is the best car park to use for St Oswald's hospital, and the doctors surgeries, if their own car parks are full.

It's also good for the town centre, just 10 minutes to the market place. Walk past the leisure centre and follow the directions above for the swimming pool car park.

Free long-stay parking

a. The Pavilion DE6 1EJ

Parking here is free. It's 10 mins walk to the market place, either through the park or along Cokayne Avenue.

b. Waterside car park

The Ashbourne Waterside car park is free to use whilst the shops are open.

It's 20 mins walk to the market place along the main road. Or take a more scenic route - go down the far side of Homebase, down a very short but quite steep hill and join a tarmaced path that will take you through the water meadows. When the path joins a housing estate, keep left and follow the narrow path down behind the hospital. This will bring you out near the Leisure Centre. Cross the bridge and walk up the road and you will be on Church Street.

c. Shrovetide statue DE6 1AY

It's free to park here and is very popular with dog-walkers. The surface is full of pot-holes and very bumpy but fine if you drive slowly. The entrance is opposite the cemetery.

There is enough space here for motorhomes. In the corner is a short footpath to the Shovetide statue.

It's 15 mins walk to the market place, either along Mayfield Road or (much nicer), cross the bridge and turn left to join the water meadows path as per instructions above.

d. Roadside Parking

There may be an opportunity for long-stay roadside parking at the bottom of Derby Road and Old Hill and also along Mayfield Road (being mindful of the area by the school which is limited to one hour). However it does tend to fill up very early in the day.