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The Ashbourne Gingerbread Shop
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The Ashbourne Gingerbread Shop

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01335 346753
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Location in Ashbourne

St John Street (south side)
Ashbourne Town Centre

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cakes & coffee


Birds the Bakers has a proud history and has become a household name in the region. There is a shop and a cafe and of course the famous gingerbread is for sale (but alas not using the original recipe).

This grade 2 listed timber-framed building has stood on Ashbourne’s St John Street since around 1492. It is believed to have been an inn until the period of the Napoleonic Wars when it became a bakery. It is the spiritual home of Ashbourne gingerbread. Local legend is that the recipe for this gingerbread was given to an Ashbourne baker by a French prisoner of war, billeted in Ashbourne during the Napoleonic Wars.