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Q: Where does The Swift bus service run?

A: The Swift bus service runs between Derby, Ashbourne and Uttoxeter

Q: Which bus operator runs The Swift?

A: The Swift is operated by Trent Barton.

Q: What route does it follow?

A: Derby - Mackworth - Kirk Langley - Brailsford - Ashbourne - Mayfield - Ellastone - Denstone - Rocester - Uttoxeter. In the evenings it only goes as far as Mayfield. On Sundays it only runs between Derby & Ashbourne.

Q: Where does it stop in Ashbourne?

A: Coming from Derby it runs from the top of Derby Road, through the Willow Meadow Estate and down to the bus station, then out via Waterside. It stops by all the main supermarkets in Ashbourne and many grateful residents use it to get from hilltop down to the valley floor and back up again.  Click here for a detailed local map showing the route through Ashbourne.

Q: How often does it run?

A: On weekdays it runs approximately once per hour in both directions, less often in the evenings. Click here for the full timetable on Trent Barton's website.