Penguins and children

Peak Wildlife park

Polar bear, penguins, pigs, lemurs, tortoises, goats, meerkats and more……..

Approx 10 miles away


The Peak Wildlife Park is a great place for anyone who loves the animal kingdom. Get to meet penguins, pigs, lemurs, tortoises, sheep, goats, meerkats and of course, the polar bear…..  

The park features walk through areas where you can get up close to the animals and also offers special experiences where you can gain a look behind the scenes and help the keepers.

Travel from Ashbourne

It's about 10 miles from Ashbourne, heading towards Leek.

The Peak Wildlife Park is a 20 minute drive from Ashbourne. Head out of Ashbourne on the A52 Leek Road and look for signs on the left as you go downhill towards Leek.

Postcode for sat-nav:
ST13 7QR

Take service 108 towards Leek and ask the driver to stop at the end of their road.

See our buses page for more information on Ashbourne buses.

It's a strenuous 25 mile round trip by bike but it can almost all be done along quiet back-roads.

It's too far to walk.