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Ednaston Park white regency style facade surrounding a contemporary courtyard garden.

About Wytech

Wytech are specialists in bespoke IT support and Telecoms for SMEs and micro businesses, making us ideally placed to work with the majority of Ashbourne businesses. Our expertise covers day to day IT support, on-site project work, data cabling, improving cyber security and delivering cost-effective and innovative telecoms solutions. We are located conveniently at the fabulous Ednaston Park, just outside of Ashbourne.

Wytech understand the difference that great IT support makes and pride ourselves on offering a consistently high level of service to all of our customers.  We are close enough to Ashbourne to be able to deliver on-site support at short notice which can be hugely beneficial to our customers at times of stress. Our entire team are truly committed and enthusiastic about our business, working hard to make it the best it can be with a genuine emotional connection to the business and the community.

Wytech & the Ashbourne community

Wytech are committed to serving the community in which we live and work, which is why we decided to sponsor the work being done by Ashbourne Town Team including this "Discover Ashbourne" website - which despite being very new is already a superb resource for locals & visitors and is getting better each month as more useful content is added. We also value our relationship with Ashbourne Community Transport, supporting the fantastic work they do with vulnerable demographics such as the elderly, disabled and rurally isolated, enabling them to live independently, participate in their communities, and access education, employment, health and other services. And we support the local radio station ‘Dove Radio’ in bringing locally focused news to the people of Ashbourne and surrounding areas.

Local businesses are run by local people who care about the community and want to support it as well as serve it. Relationships between businesses help create a cohesive, welcoming community identity, becoming a cornerstone of a strong local economy. Wytech is very proud to be a part of the Ashbourne business community. The decision makers within our business are accessible and around to engage with other local business leaders, keeping in touch with what they need.

Whether you are local or one of the many visitors and tourists to our town, we believe that Ashbourne is a better and more interesting place thanks to its small business community. A community that the entire team at Wytech are proud to be a part of.